The World's Best Speakers

  • Naveed Anwar

    As Senior Director of PayPal’s Developer Network, Naveed Anwar is a passionate advocate and supporter of developers using PayPal’s open payments platform, PayPal X. He champions the success of the PayPal developer community every day. In a previous life, Naveed started and ran the AOL Developer Network and with the motto “safety first,” he led many of AOL’s security efforts in Europe and the U.S. In his spare time, Naveed likes to get down and dirty, playing football, squash and cricket. Naveed is also active in non-profits focused on education in underprivileged communities around the world, including his family’s Anwar Foundation.

  • Dane Atkinson

    Dane Atkinson


    Dane Atkinson has founded, operated, and sold, nearly a dozen businesses over the last 20 years. He has spoken at his share of conferences and been noted by a magazine or two.

    Dane is currently CEO of Squarespace Inc. the premium website and blog platform. Dane joined the company as its second employee and has since supported 1000% growth. In July of 2010, Index Ventures and Accel Partners led a $38.5M minority investment in Squarespace, representing the first outside capital the company has raised to date.

  • Cennydd Bowles

    Cennydd Bowles


    Cennydd Bowles leapt into the world of user experience eight years ago and hasn't shut up about it since. He now works for Clearleft in Brighton, England and moonlights as a UX blogger, mentor and community evangelist.

    Cennydd is a regular public speaker (SXSW, IA Summit), a widely published writer (A List Apart, Johnny Holland, .net magazine) and co-conspirator of the UX London conference. His first book "Undercover User Experience Design", written with fellow Clearleftie James Box, will be published in September 2010 by New Riders.

  • Eileen Burbidge

    Eileen Burbidge

    White Bear Yard

    Eileen is an early-stage tech angel investor/advisor and recovering work-/tech- aholic. Co-founder of White Bear Yard @whitebearyard (Clerkenwell Road, EC1 London UK), a hub for technology innovation and startups. Previous names and roles include Eileen Broch (Yahoo!, Skype, Palmsource) and Eileen Tso (EIS, 12 Entrepreneuring, Openwave/, Sun Microsystems/JavaSoft, Apple/Newton, GTE, Univ Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

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    Jason Calacanis


    Jason Calacanis is an Internet entrepreneur and former blogger. He has founded many companies including Silicon Alley Reporter and Weblogs, Inc. He is the founder of and has been its CEO since 2007.

    Calacanis returned to podcasting on May 1, 2009 with his new program This Week In Startups.

  • Ryan Carson

    Ryan Carson


    Ryan loves web tech, coffee and movies. (Is it wrong to see The Matrix seven times at the cinema?) He's got a degree in Computer Science and is passionate about connecting and encouraging people - which is why he's passionate about running events for the web community. He loves his wife and can't believe he's a dad.

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    Robin Christopherson


    After a degree in Engineering at Cambridge and working as an IT instructor for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), Robin was a founding member of AbilityNet in 1998. Robin now manages AbilityNet's Web Consultancy services - heading a team that is globally acclaimed as experts in accessibility auditing, disabled user testing and designing attractive websites that are both accessible and easy to use by all. Despite being blind, Robin uses a computer very effectively by relying on speech output to access the full range of mainstream software including email and the internet. He has a first-hand appreciation of the importance of good web design practice to accessibility.

  • Mark DiCristina

    Mark DiCristina


    Mark DiCristina is a brand manager at MailChimp. He's a co-founder of his family, and he's responsible for scaling his own inbox. Before joining MailChimp, Mark was the production manager at Paste Magazine. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Davidson College.

  • Sebastien de Halleux

    Sebastien de Halleux


    Sebastien de Halleux, co-founder of Playfish, is vice president business development & strategic partnerships, EA Interactive. In his role within EA Interactive, Sebastien drives distribution, monetization, business development, and relationships with key partners across the division’s three business units, Playfish, Pogo and EA Mobile. He was chief operating officer of Playfish leading up to the company’s acquisition by Electronic Arts in November 2009.

    Prior to Playfish, Sebastien was part of the team that incubated Nokia Ad Service, a business unit aimed at monetizing mobile traffic across Nokia's 850 million mobile devices worldwide.

    Sebastien also was an early team member of Macrospace Ltd., a company which merged with Sorrent Inc. to become Glu Mobile (NASDAQ: GLUU), where he was instrumental in building the sales and marketing functions of the organization. He later expanded Glu's distribution footprint in Europe, forged key partnerships with network operators Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange, and reorganized the company's financial planning and sales operations in preparation for its IPO on NASDAQ.

    Sebastien holds a Master's in Civil Engineering with honors from Imperial College London. He has resided in Brussels, Bangkok and London, and presently lives in San Francisco.

  • Nick Halstead

    Nick Halstead


    CEO & Founder of one of hottest realtime news aggregators based upon twitter, the TweetMeme Retweet Button can now be seen on 170,000+ websites and is displayed 450 million times a day. TweetMeme is at the forefront of a new breed of aggregators that use the social web to index the 'likes' of users through their social graph. Nick has been in development for over 20 years and is passionate about the future of news and Twitter evangelist.

  • David Hauser

    David Hauser


    David Hauser oversees the strategic direction and operations of Grasshopper and serves as the company's technology visionary. A passionate technologist, he's the guy you go to when you have a question about how the universe operates (or if you simply want to consult his encyclopedic inner search engine). As champion of the company's Core Values and work culture, he strives to create an environment that is professionally and personally rewarding for all employees. David leads multiple departments across Grasshopper including Labs, Engineering, Network Operations, and overall company Operations. A technology start-up veteran, David was co-founder of Return Path, an e-mail performance management company, and founder of WebAds360, an ad-serving technology provider for small and mid-sized businesses. David's strong entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to serve as a consultant for various companies as well as a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs through his alma mater, Babson College. David is an Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Board Member, and a Member of the Global Advisory Board for Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE). He also judges several young entrepreneur competitions each year. David was born and raised in New York City. David graduated from Babson College with a Bachelor of Science in Business. He also enjoys long walks on the beach.

  • Christian Heilmann

    Christian Heilmann


    Chris Heilmann's job is to make developers happy and to explain technology in a simple manner so that anyone can use it to build the internet of awesome we should have had a few years ago. As lead developer evangelist for the Yahoo developer network Chris lives on the web, travels from conference to conference and hack day to hack day and contributes as an expert to the biggest blogs like Microsoft Script Junkie, Ajaxian, Smashing Magazine and Nettuts+. Chris has been in Yahoo for four years and is - amongst other things - to blame for Yahoo Answers, Maps and why YQL and YUI is so amazing (by badgering and inspiring the teams to do excellent rather than just good).

  • Speaker Name

    Cal Henderson


    Cal Henderson has been a web applications developer for far too long and should really start looking for a serious job.

    Originally from England, Cal is the VP of Engineering for Tiny Speck, the company behind the forthcoming massively multiplayer game Glitch.

    Before he landed that sweet gig, he worked at Yahoo! Inc, as the Director of Engineering for Flickr, in San Francisco, California. He worked on Flickr from the day it started development (on his laptop) until April 2009 (when it was the "Official website of the Internet").

    In 2006 he wrote the best selling book Building Scalable Websites. He promises he's working on a second edition.

  • Speaker Name

    Molly Holzschlag


    Molly works to define and create effective organizational standards and best practices to thousands of developers and designers working the Web via her 35 books; countless articles; conference workshops, sessions and keynotes; and consulting. With 20 years of online experience, Molly's strengths lie not only in the technologies and practices of today, but in understanding the complexities of how challenges emerged, and ways in which to manage those challenges in the rapid evolution of today's Web.

  • Speaker Name

    Sandy Jen


    Sandy Jen is a co-founder of Meebo in Mountain View. She majored in Computer Science at Stanford University and after graduation, worked as a software developer at Xilinx. In 2005, Sandy started Meebo with two friends, Seth Sternberg and Elaine Wherry. Sandy started out coding the server-side of Meebo and now heads Meebo's Engineering organization. Sandy rock climbs, loves yoga, plays ultimate Frisbee, and really enjoys a good nap.

  • Wolfram Kriesing

    Wolfram Kriesing


    Wolfram Kriesing has more than twelve years professional experience in IT. The early involvement in web technologies provides him with deep knowledge and experience for designing and implementing stable and scalable architectures. With two equivalently experienced experts he founded uxebu, a software consulting company focused on mobile cross platform solutions and web2.0, AJAX-oriented front-end engineering. He has been an active open source contributor on multiple projects and is currently a member of the Dojo Toolkit project.

  • Michael Mahemoff

    Michael Mahemoff


    Michael Mahemoff is a Chrome Developer Advocate for Google, based in London, always looking at ways to make the web a more habitable place for users and developers alike. He’s been programming on the web since the mid ’90s, in a range of public-facing and enterprise (Java, what else?) contexts, and is the author of Ajax Design Patterns (O’Reilly, 2006) and a blogger for Server side, he’s mostly a Ruby, PHP, and NodeJS guy and sushi is his preferred coding fuel. Michael holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne, covering software design patterns for improving user experience.

  • Guy Malachi

    Guy Malachi


    Guy Malachi has been building web applications for more than 11 years. He is Chief Geek at Conduit, serves as its voice in the tech community, and blogs about technology and web culture at Guy has been with Conduit since it was founded and has served in a variety of roles, helping to grow the company to over 170 million monthly active users. He is responsible for providing additional reach into developer communities and supporting strategic partnership efforts. He works directly with potential and existing customers, journalists, and analysts to further understanding of Conduit technology, leverage the Conduit Network, and encourage the integration of new technologies into Conduit Platform.

    Guy received a BA in Computer Science from Tel Aviv-Jaffa College and a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) from the Swinburne University of Technology.

  • Bob Mason


    Bob co-founded Brightcove with Jeremy Allaire, and provides leadership for Brightcove's vision, design and architecture. He plays an instrumental role in working with Brightcove's customers and partners. Bob Mason joins Brightcove from Art Technology Group (ATG) where he was a founding member of the product development team, having joined in 1994 as the 10th employee. During his 10-year tenure at ATG, Bob provided technology leadership in formulating the company's growth and strategic positioning and as a Senior Software Architect was the technical leader for software architecture and development through over 6 major product release cycles, including ATG's Java-based Dynamo Application Server, Personalization, eCommerce, Portal and eService solutions. He was also the technical leader for ATG's pioneering services projects including MovieFone's initial online ticket system and Sony's online gaming and entertainment portal, The Station @ Sony. Bob holds a BS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

  • Speaker Name

    Hilary Mason

    Hilary is the lead scientist at, where she is finding sense in vast data sets. She is a former computer science professor with a background in machine learning and data mining, has published numerous academic papers, and regularly releases code on her personal site, She has discovered two new species, loves to bake cookies, and asks way too many questions.

  • Eoghan McCabe & Des Traynor

    Eoghan McCabe & Des Traynor


    Contrast is web app development company based in Dublin. They've built many apps for clients and for themselves. They've seen it done right and done wrong, and they've learned lots along the way. Contrast are currently pouring all their spare time into their error tracking app, Exceptional. Eoghan is the visual design lead and managing director of Contrast, Des is the user experience lead.

  • Speaker Name

    Mike McDerment


    Mike is the co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, planet earth's leading online invoicing app for service oriented professionals, freelancers and teams. Back in 2003, Mike built FreshBooks for his design firm and scratched his own itch. Since launching in May 2004 FreshBooks has touched over 600,000 lives and Mike and his team dedicate themselves to being a great service for people who love their work, and want to focus on it - instead of focusing on their paperwork.

  • Andy McLoughlin

    Andy McLoughlin


    Andy is co-founder of business collaboration platform A frustrated economist and wannabe designer, he spends his days modelling partnership revenues, wire framing stuff that never gets built and shouting about how someone buggered up his logo. Andy recently moved from London to San Francisco where he enjoys fencing and skiing (both badly), taking photos of amusing American things and sitting in cheap Mexican eateries discussing films, music and cool stuff he recently saw online.

  • Sanj Matharu

    Sanj Matharu


    Sanj Matharu drives the developer outreach and developer content for the mobile applications and devices at Vodafone. Prior to Vodafone, Sanj had a long career at Symbian starting in developer tools development, managing Symbian Signed and then onto engaging with developers via OEM developer programs. He then moved to Samsung and created the Samsung Mobile Innovator developer program – Samsung’s first large scale foray into engagement with the developer community.

  • Speaker Name

    Brad Neuberg

    Brad Neuberg was a software engineer at Google on the Buzz team. Previously he was a developer advocate at Google for the Open Web and HTML5. He is the creator of a number of JavaScript libraries and frameworks for expanding the capabilities of web applications, including Dojo Storage, Dojo Offline, Really Simple History, and SVG Web. Brad worked with Douglas Engelbart on the HyperScope project; explored deeply collaborative web browsers with Paper Airplane; worked on one of the first web-based RSS aggregators; and was a Developer Advocate for the Gears project. Brad also created Coworking, an international grassroots movement to establish a new kind of workspace for the self-employed.

  • Linus Olsson

    Linus Olsson


    Linus is... 30-something. Swedish. Internet guy. Designer of web, print, clothes. Creator of ideas. Photographer. Coder of web. Webshop merchant. Gamer. Was a DJ. Demoscener. Educated as a media producer. Lives to better himself. Listens to electronic music. Lives with his girl. Dislikes copyright. Also known as "bonq".

  • Jon Phillips

    Jon Phillips

    Jon Phillips is a developer contributing to society and building meaningful relationships. In 2002 he helped launch the open source drawing tool, Inkscape and founded the Open Clip Art Library. From 2005 until 2008 he built Creative Commons’ community and business development projects and is now a Creative Commons Fellow. Currently, he is growing the media company Fabricatorz with Cantocore Art Exhibitions, Laoban Open Soundsystems and other international commercial projects. He is currently community director for the open source social messaging service Status.Net that powers He is known for growing successful open communities globally, leading international business development in China, the Arab World, and developing Open Marketing.

  • Speaker Name

    John Resig


    John Resig is a JavaScript Tool Developer for the Mozilla Corporation and the author of the book Pro JavaScript Techniques. He's also the creator and lead developer of the jQuery JavaScript library.

    Currently, John is located in Boston, MA. He's hard at work on his second book, Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja.

  • Dorian Selz

    Dorian Selz

    Dr. Dorian Selz is serial entrepreneur and currently building his third startup as co-founder and CEO. Memonic is your web based digital notebook of choice. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO of, the leading local search platform in Switzerland. Prior to launching, from 1999 to 2005 he was Partner and COO at Namics, the largest Swiss Web consultancy with a strong presence in Germany. He is co-author of the book "Digital erfolgreich" (Digital success) and holds a PhD in information systems from the University of St.Gallen.

  • Speaker Name

    Ryan Singer


    Ryan Singer is Product Manager and Lead UI Designer at 37signals. Since 2003, his interface and software designs for 37signals have pushed the standards of web application usability and clarity. Ryan is an internationally recognized speaker on interface design and web software production. He lives in Chicago with his wife and two french bulldogs.

  • Speaker Name

    Joe Stump


    Joe Stump has been scaling large websites for over ten years. After spending a few years as Digg's Lead Architect he struck out on his own, with Matt Galligan, to found SimpleGeo. As CTO of SimpleGeo he's responsible for architecting and scaling a robust GIS infrastructure for developers around the world.

    Joe has authored pieces for O'Reilly's and has spoken at Web 2.0 Expo, FOWA, FOWD, Q-Con, SXSW, MySQL Conference and PHP-Con, to name a few.

    Joe is an expert in the LAMP stack and graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a BA in Computer Information Systems.

  • Speaker Name

    Francisco Tolmasky

    280 North

    Francisco Tolmasky is a co-founder of 280 North and the creator of the Objective-J programming language. Before 280 North, Francisco was an early member of the iPhone team at Apple, working extensively on the Mobile Safari browser, as well as its open source WebKit backend. 280 North recently launched 280 Slides, a web based presentation program that blurs the lines between desktop and web applications.

  • Aarron Walter

    Aarron Walter

    Aarron Walter is the author of Building Findable Websites: Web Standards, SEO, and Beyond (New Riders, 2008) and the lead user experience designer for MailChimp. For more than a decade Aarron has been busy building websites for his clients, and teaching interactive design courses at colleges and universities in the US.

    As a member of The Web Standards Project, Aarron leads the WaSP InterACT curriculum project, and he's a founding member of the Open Web Education Alliance, a W3C incubator group.

  • Speaker Name

    Sháá Wasmund


    An LSE graduate, Sháá has had an eclectic entrepreneurial career ranging from promoting boxer Chris Eubank's fight against Nigel Benn to working with Sir James Dyson to establish his vacuum cleaners as one of the UK's biggest brands. She helped set up with Sir Bob Geldof and founded which was sold to BSkyB. Sháá is an intrinsic part of the new wave of UK Entrepreneurs combining real entrepreneurial drive and experience with a genuine desire to encourage and inspire others.

    Her latest venture is living proof. launched in January 2009 and is an innovative business platform providing free advice, networking and tools for entrepreneurs and business owners. Bringing business people together for support and inspiration, Smarta has hundreds of entrepreneur videos and bite-size guides on overcoming business challenges. Users can access free advice from business experts and find unique tools designed to take the pain out of everyday business tasks. Smarta has the support of leading UK entrepreneurs Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden.

  • Speaker Name

    Josh Williams


    Josh Williams is CEO and co-founder of Gowalla, a mobile and Web service that gives people around the world a new way to communicate and express themselves through the everyday places and extraordinary settings they enjoy.

    Prior to Gowalla, Josh founded Blinksale, one of the first online invoicing services for small businesses. Concurrently to Blinksale, Josh started Alamofire, the producer of PackRat, a pioneering collectable card game on Facebook. Previously, Josh was founder and principal at Firewheel Design from 2001-2008, a preeminent UI-design consultancy specializing in interface and icon design for desktop, mobile and web, where his clients included Microsoft, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Thompson Reuters and Causes.

    Josh is a self-taught designer and artist who has been creating online for over 15 years. Josh loves mid-century modern design, architecture, skiing, snowboarding and longboarding. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two young daughters.


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